TICKLE – Dutch National Opera & Ballet

TICKLE – Dutch National Opera & Ballet


International coproduction

Oorkaan, Dutch National Opera & Ballet and Philharmonie Luxembourg


Regie: Caecilia Thunnissen

WINNER of the YAMawards 2020 in the category ‘best small ensemble’.

From the jury of the YAMawards 2020: “Very high level. The artists are excellent. Many nice ideas and great movements. It is just amazing how sometimes a performance becomes something more. Here it happens. The artists are so skillful in all areas, movements, navigating the stage and communicating. Playing their instruments and singing. The preciseness of all the artistic intensions is a delight. To make art for children from 2 till 5 years and still make it interesting for all ages, also parents is extremely difficult, but in this production they have nailed it.”

A stirring, poetic and danced opera-concert for young children about the expressive powers of sound, movement and scenography.

Regie Team

Concept: Caecilia Thunnissen, Leonard Evers
Composition: Leonard Evers
Stage director: Caecilia Thunnissen
Choreography: Milena Sidorova
Scenography: Tessa Verbei
Costume Design: Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt
Light design: Tiedo Wilschut
Dramaturge: Erin Coppens

Voice & Violin: Tiemo Wang
Marimba & Dance: Vitaly Medvedev
Dance & Voice: Milang Lie Meeuw Lew (first dancer: Sarah Reynolds)

Photography: Sebastien Grebille

Premiered 19th October 2019 at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam

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‘Opera for two-year-olds is a daring undertaking. Especially when you don’t present any clear characters or try to tell any kind of a story. But this is precisely why it works.’

This performance is such a perfect match for the perceptions of two-year-olds, who don’t yet apply hierarchy to their sensory impressions, but are still seeing, hearing and experiencing a lot of things for the first time. Dutch Theaterkrant