WHOOP WHOOP(S)! / Oorkaan Ensemble

WHOOP WHOOP(S)! / Oorkaan Ensemble

Vier! - Bart Grietens



A staged concert

Regie: Caecilia Thunnissen and Yorick Stam

Oorkaan Ensemble
Michele Mazzini (bas)clarinet 
Michela Zanoni Harp 
Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe Bajan
Veysel Dzhesur   Percussion 

Regie team
Stage direction: Caecilia Thunnissen and Yorick Stam
Set design Morgana Machado Marques
Costum design Esra Copur
Lighting design Jeroen Oostenveld 

Photography: Bart Grietens

Premiered on the 27th of February in MCO Hilverum

‘ The four-color musicians (in beautiful costumes by Esra Copur) from Oorkaan bring with Whoop Whoop(s)! a musically tickling and mysterious staged concert with Turkish classics (by Fazil Say, among others) and new compositions and arrangements by Steven Kamperman. It is beautiful how the instruments actually become part of the players, and they chase each other away with deep sounds, call to them with cheerful melodies or disrupt with loud tones. artists are excellent.’ 

‘The theatricality in the compositions, the tension between different instruments, the changing timbres, the increasing threats and welcome release, are strikingly shaped by the open-playing, four-piece ensemble. Ultimately, that is what Oorkaan has been good at for two decades: exploring the theatricality within compositions and making it spatial and physical.’ – Theaterkrant